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Our projects

Locavore Experiences

We have several exciting projects to connect people with the natural environment, including day trips to places where people can hand pick fruits and vegetables and learn how to use those ingredients to cook a healthy meal. We believe it is important for children and adults to forge healthy connections with food and the places in which their food is grown, as well as to learn about the ingredients in the food they eat. In so doing, we hope to provide people with an understanding of what comprises a healthy meal, and an appreciation of where their food originates.

Family-oriented Experiences

More than just providing sustenance, we believe meals play an important role in our lives, including bringing families together. So we are working on projects to encourage family-centric meals, such as theme dinners, which we believe is an important step in improving our mental and physical well-being. In today modern life, we have less and less time to connect and talk with our family members, but cooking together means more time together with our family. Creating a meal together also develops creativity with our children, and allows us choose our own healthy ingredients. Selecting healthy ingredients brings more overall health to all our family members.

Exercise Workshops and Sporting Events

Our motto is: Start moving, start living. We believe that physical movement makes us feel healthier, happier, and more focused; makes our everyday activities easier; and increases our energy level. Our bodies are meant to move, and another effect of living in cities and working in offices, is that we sit all day long. When we exercise, our serotonin level increase, and serotonin is a hormone that is known as the happy chemical, because it appears to play an important role in regulating mood. Low level of serotonin can cause depression, sleep problems, affect appetite, digestion and memory. We believe that once you have reconnected with your body, you will not want to stop moving.

Psychology workshops

Connecting with nature and increasing our level of physical activity improves our mental outlook. Seeing the colours and hearing the sounds of the natural world reduces stress and negativity, and brings inner peace. It also makes us feel more connected to the world around us, including the people in our lives. Walking in woods and parks is a kind of meditation. It helps us appreciate and observe everyday things that we so often overlook, like beautiful flowers, the leaves on the trees, the splash of water in rivers, and the sounds birds singing in trees.

Connecting People

We believe that if we are really going to change the world we need to be connected with like-minded people, so we are creating platform where people from all the world can share stories about their experiences. You will be able to read and see photos and videos about our projects in different counties, as well as post your stories too!